90,000 Miles to Me

The Goodies

I’ve been busy! Take home the fruits of my meditative-creative time!

Find what I’ve been working on in my Etsy shop:

Folded Book Art:

I’ve been getting really in to folding books lately. I love the precision of it that can yield beautiful creations on the faces of old books, giving them new life.

Woven Fabric Baskets:

I wanted a couple baskets for myself, and they are now storing various things in my van, and kind of got carried away making them. Now I have too many. Want one?


After a trip to Japan many years ago, I was inspired by the little origami purses that some women were wearing around their wrists while on a date in a kimono. It seems the young women often still wear kimonos to dates, even while the young men might be in jeans and a t-shirt. When I got home, I figured out the design and drew up this pattern so you can make your own.

Paper Sculptures:

Sewing is a lot of fun, but I love the paper arts too. I saw some 2-D paper sculptures on a trip to Germany, and was so inspired that I had to try it myself. After some playing around with materials and techniques, I came up with these cuties:


More coming soon…