90,000 Miles to Me

35,080 Miles • Heading into Winter

I’ve been getting a lot done lately. Since I am now borrowing a little electric heater (thank you!), which has been working beautifully to keep my little space toasty, I can stay parked where I can plug it in and also use Wi-Fi, so I’ve been able to get a lot of work done. The Kickstarter for the new calendar is in progress, I’m doing the last of the graphic design work and editing for the calendar itself, and trying to get the word out. 

Yet I’m also taking time out to visit with friends and relax and not overwork. It has been nice to feel like I can work without hyper-focusing on only that.

I also went out hiking one snowy morning and got some lovely photos of the desert under snow.

I’ve was also experiencing some vertigo off and on for several weeks. It started at the end of one of my therapy sessions, when I experienced genuine, room-spinning vertigo. I treated it with a sort of head flop trick to get the crystal back in place in my ear, and that helped considerably. Nevertheless, it was still pretty strong for the first few days and I didn’t drive at all. It did eventually ease up, and then I just got a bit woozy occasionally for another couple weeks. It’s pretty much gone now. Not fun.

I’m getting a little discouraged by the shoulder not making much progress for most of November. Occasionally I’ll feel a very small release, but it doesn’t really last and it’s not the big release that I need.

What has been helping the most is a new therapist I started seeing just last week. She does a different kind of manipulation on the nerves directly, called the Baral Technique, and I managed to squeeze in three appointments before leaving town.

She hasn’t been working on my shoulder directly, but on the nerves at the base of the brain stem, and afterwords I have had a lot more comfort in my body in general, as well as my shoulder has been, well, not exactly more relaxed, but more comfortable. It has felt less reactive and tiny little movements don’t hurt nearly so much.

I wish I could get a few more appointments with her, but I’m leaving town tomorrow, heading to my winter home with Mom. I’ll take a break from traveling for a little while, finish this year’s calendar, get some other projects done, spend some good time with Mom, and be all refreshed and ready for another season on the road come spring. 

* * *