90,000 Miles to Me

36,200 Miles • To Every PE Teacher I’ve Ever Had

To every PE teacher I’ve ever had,

You. Are. Fired.

I am not in your class anymore. You can’t tell me what to do. You can’t throw baseballs at my face or lob hockey pucks at my stomach. You can’t make me play ultimate frisbee, or run with pain shooting through my knees. And since you were never the one to pick me up, bandage me up, or take me to the hospital back then, don’t bother with that anymore, either.

I am my own coach now. And I will listen to my body. I will back off when I need to, and push when I can handle it. I will try things out, experiment, and not go too far. I will find what works for me and learn how to feel good in my own body.

I am in charge now.

So back off.

* * *