90,000 Miles to Me

36,051 Miles • The Obligatory COVID-19 Update

The world is being rocked by a pandemic, challenging many people’s plans and expectations of what their life would look like in the near future.

For me, I was expecting to continue my travels soon, and I’ve been waiting for the last two months or so for everything to blow over, but it’s just not doing that. So I’ve made the very difficult decision to stay put for the time being and to continue my Journey inwardly only.

One of my friends got covid, and her son, as well as a cousin. Will they recover? I hope so.

Right now that hope means more to me then it has since my dad was dying of cancer.

That hope is motivating me to action. What can I do? I can pray. I can make masks for healthcare workers. I can reach out to my community, online and by phone, to connect with friends in this time of separation.

Yet I mean more than that hope motivates me to take action. I mean that hope is itself action. Hope is a verb. A movement toward. A connection. A choice to lay aside fear, however justified, and to believe there is something more powerful than the fear.

Fear is such a limiting thing.

Fear is also a useful thing. There are times when it is completely justified. And right now, there’s no reason for me to take unreasonable risks of catching or spreading this virus by traveling.

My Journey was never about the traveling, anyway. That provided fodder for my continual growth, and I enjoyed it, certainly, but it wasn’t the prime motivating factor. I can continue to grow and to heal my inner wounds right here, and in fact staying put for a while might show me different things that I need to work on.

So I won’t be racking up the miles anytime soon. I hope this all resolves itself by summer, and that I’ll still get in some travel time this year, but I’m not making any firm plans right now. I’ll have to wait and see what happens, just like everyone else.

* * *