90,000 Miles to Me

The Sink and Tile Floor

The only major thing left was a sink and water system. I jerry rigged a bucket sink for now as I was out of time and needed to move in.

Since the van is minimally livable and I am now out of the house, I declared a short vacation from projects and went on a trial run trip to Taos.

I came back after two and a half weeks in Taos and had a much better idea of what I wanted for my sink system. The bucket version worked surprisingly well, and was easy to dump and clean out.

A standard sink with a drain would mean that used cooking water, with all the little particles of foodstuffs that get in it, would be going through tubes to a jug or can, and would be very difficult to clean out and mold easily. This is what I was planning on, but changed my mind in favor of the bucket system. There’s more detail of how the bucket system works here.

Yet I wanted something nicer looking than the plastic trash can.

I felt really good one day so I went around town to almost every thrift and consignment store, looking for some sort of bucket, tub, vase, whatever that might work. When I was nearly shopped-out, I finally found this large flower pot. It was just about the perfect size to be able to rinse my plates and pots over it without the water spilling over the sides, and the perfect color to go with my walls. It isn’t too heavy for me to lift, even with water in it to dump. I just had to plug up the three drainage holes in the bottom, which I did with some rubber corks and lots of Eco-Bond adhesive and sealant.

I also wanted a nice little tiled area for the sink to rest on, and got a small amount of tiling grout and the tile from the Habitat Re-Store. I found this tile a couple months ago and snagged it for $5. I was going to use it for a backsplash, but plans evolved and now it is a floor. I love the colors.

The tiling job is pretty good for my first ever attempt at it. There are some imperfections around the edge, but it doesn’t have any kind of border to give it stability, something I intend to fix eventually.

Here it is all put together. The sink is very stable and doesn’t wobble much at all when driving, but I added the blue cording to tie it to the posts for peace of mind.

There is also a piece of plexiglass behind the sink on both the wall side and in front of the cabinet, which a local frame shop generously donated to the cause and even cut to fit for me. There is also a piece under the tile (that is what the tile is tiled to).

These backsplashes make cleanup easy so that my water cans and cotton walls don’t look nasty after a short time. The plexiglass in front of the shelves also creates a little storage area where I stashed a few kitchen things.

This finishes the major installations for now. The ceiling needs to be covered, and so does the sliding side door, and a whole bunch of minor projects, and they will be done. Eventually…