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The Pantry and the Last Partition Piece

Now that the walls and floor are done, I can finally put in the last partition piece. Which means building the second pantry unit.

Here it is, almost done; the upper shelves just need to be added. The bottom section is where my water jugs will go.

And finished. The icon of the Last Supper has been in my kitchen for more than ten years, and will go with me into my new kitchen. Since I wanted it hung without seeing the attachment points, and wanted a very secure attachment for long-term deployment on bumpy roads, I screwed it in from the back of the partition. Which had to be done now, while the backside is still accessible.

The shelves are all different sizes and shapes, to accommodate the specific things I want to put in them. Even the space on the left side is designed with specific cookbooks and a cereal box in mind.

The partition itself was new wood, but all the shelves were exclusively scraps from other parts of the van project and some bits I had lying around.

When I put it in the van, I filled it up right away to see how it would work out.

Here’s one of the other things that I wish I had done differently. I was really running up against my move-out deadline, stressed and exhausted, my conversion budget nearly gone and too hyper-focused on only using scrap material to go buy a simple piece of plywood. All this combined so that I wasn’t thinking things through as well as I needed to and made a couple key mistakes in the sizes of the shelves.

I had measured the top shelves against various cans of food and made the shelves to fit them two deep, but neglected to consider how I would get them out, or hold them in. The shelves aren’t deep enough to fit a fixed railing to hold them in.

If I put the railing in front of the shelves, the side ends show, but that really isn’t the problem. More to the point, I can’t tilt the cans to get them up and over any railing, no matter how small, because there isn’t enough vertical space, either.

So I’m resorting to improvising makeshift solutions for now, and hopefully I’ll come up with something better later on.

Oh, well. In the entire build, coming to regret only a couple pantry shelves and the floor insulation, really isn’t that bad. (I’m still suspending judgment on the battery system.) I did a ton of research and it paid off.

The van is just about livable; it just needs water.

More about my choice to design the kitchen the way I did is coming up next.


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