90,000 Miles to Me

The Ceiling

The ceiling was done in pretty much the same way as the walls. It has a layer of Thinsulate insulation held in place by a framework of hardware cloth and covered by fabric; this time it will be heavy duty blackout fabric, mostly because I had many yards of it already from a project I intended to do years ago and never got around to.

Here is the ceiling before starting.

All those ribs got stuffed with cellulose loose fill insulation and the holes plugged up with cork scraps held in place by adhesive. I’ve been using Eco-Bond® Heavy Duty and Eco-Bond Multi Purpose adhesives because they are completely non-toxic and work well, but they aren’t easy to find. Online only.

So now I needed to put up the hardware cloth and hold the Thinsulate in place under it while it got screwed in, which proved a challenge with only one pair of hands. Adhesives weren’t sticking well to the Thinsulate, and I didn’t want to waste a ton of it just to get it to hold in place for the short time until the hardware cloth was up, so I improvised.

I found every random thing in the garage that would hold it in place and rigged them all together for the time being. Not a professional job, but it worked.

With that in place, I used bungee cords to hold the hardware cloth more or less in the right orientation so that I could screw in the front edge first, and work my way back, attaching it well at every ceiling rib.

My arms got really tired of reaching over my head for long periods.

The hardware cloth doesn’t go quite to the edges, but is close enough to work. The Thinsulate does, and I could tuck it in to a small lip in the sheet metal at the sides of the ceiling.

The hardware cloth I am using for the ceiling is leftover from the roll for the walls so I didn’t have to buy extra, yay.

Unfortunately I don’t have a good picture of the finished ceiling.

It won’t be entirely finished, in fact, for several months. The hardware cloth and Thinsulate got up and will have to keep their industrial look for a while, as I am running out of time. Since covering it nicely isn’t necessary for making the van livable, that particular project got downgraded to the later list. It did get done, however, in the fall.

On to the floors.