90,000 Miles to Me

8,990 Miles • Bloody Ravens and Gnarled Roots

This is a backdated post from November 12th-18th, 2017

Since I practically had to go right back through Virginia anyway to get home for Thanksgiving, I stopped again at my best friend’s place. 😉 I don’t get to see her much, so twice in as many months has been wonderful. She also promised to help me with my last major van conversion project, putting up the ceiling cover. More on that here.

We fit in the ceiling project around her work schedule for a week, and during business hours I entertained myself—I love not having a job.

One afternoon I watched five black birds for a while as they picked apart the carcass of a roadkill squirrel. One of them pulled the whole intestines out of, what looked to me, like a fairly flat squirrel. I guess even flat squirrels are still squirrels. It was both disgusting and fascinating.

Found a state park not half an hour away, and spent a day getting my nature fix at the lakeside. I wonder how the ducks stay warm in the water in fall and winter. I know their feathers are insulating, but how is it that their body heat doesn’t just get sucked out by the cold water?

These sprawling roots blanketed the forest floor right up to the edge of the lake, and made a good reading bench. The one in the picture at the top reminds me of the weathered and gnarled hand of an old wizard.

What’s living in that little cavern beneath the palm of the hand? Maybe a scraggly haired, grumpy old gnome who comes out at night to defend his root garden from the ducks who come on land looking for tasty insects amidst his roots.

These are some of the strange things I think of.

We also tried out a new recipe for very tasty apples! A few weeks back I broke down and bought a simple apple corer. Some of the best $3 I’ve spent. Works great for all sorts of fruit, and tamping down smoothies in my manual blender, as well as, of course, coring apples in a jiffy.



How do you get your nature fix? Especially if you live in a city, I’d love to hear about ways you connect with nature where you are. Please comment below.