90,000 Miles to Me
Mississippi river

6,225 Miles • Crossing the Mississippi

This is a backdated post from September 20th, 2017

Crossed the famous Mississippi River on a drizzly, overcast morning. Kept a lookout for signs of Huckleberry Finn or William Faulkner. No joy.

Towns I drove through in quick succession:

  1. Guttenburg, IA
  2. Luxemburg, IA
  3. Vienna, IA (are you sensing a theme?)
  4. Normal, IL
  5. Eldridge, IL (reminds me of eldritch)


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This is a backdated post from September 23rd, 2017

Spent a couple days with a friend in Indiana. It’s been really nice being able to visit someone at their home and yet still stay at my home. No one in her apartment complex seemed to care that I was sleeping in the parking lot. This way I don’t have to inconvenience friends or their roommates, or feel like I am even if I’m not. And when I get enough social time, I can just go home. Nifty.

We went to the farmer’s market and I got a big basket full of fresh apples and used her kitchen to make lots of applesauce, though I still have a lot of apples left over. The applesauce was surprisingly easy and delicious.

baskets of apples at the farmer's market

There was a mix of four or five apple varieties, but the honey crisp were new to me and are my new favorite apple variety.

It was shockingly easy, I can control what goes in, and more importantly, what doesn’t, so why haven’t I done this before? Here’s the recipe I used.