90,000 Miles to Me
van in the woods

4,000 Miles • First Night Boondocking

This is a backdated post from July 22nd, 2017

Moved out of the Ski Valley and into Carson National Forest proper, a little downstream from the village, with exactly 4,000 miles on the adventure odometer! A milestone (pun intended). 🙂

First night boondocking in the van! That is, staying out in the “boondocks,” away from facilities, grids, camping and RV amenities, and any other signs of civilization, however basic.

I woke up to this. Not a bad view out the bedroom window, eh?

view of river through window

And this is where I spent my days…

river view surrounded by trees

A few days of this and I am already getting spoiled.

The ski valley had blanket wi-fi and here there isn’t so much as a hint of cell service, which is wonderful and disturbing. And disturbing that it is disturbing. I know I’m trying to spend time away from technology, but I itch for my phone every five minutes and can’t think what to do with myself without a computer on my lap. I don’t think of myself as particularly technology dependent, but these are facts and they are hard.

I went for several short walks into the woods, and balanced on that fallen tree in the picture and watched the water flowing for a while, read a book, cooked banana bread in the sun oven (easy) and rice again (I’m finally getting the hang of it) did some meal planning for my next blessed trip to the grocery store, spent some time meditating, and a lot of time reminding myself that this is good for me, just bear with it.

All in all, I think the van dwelling test run has been a success. It is taking rather big adjustments, especially in the food department, but I am learning a lot and quickly. The van itself is livable, if only barely. There is a lot I still need to do to finish fixing it up and I’ll be back “home” soon with access to tools and workplaces to do just that.